Race for city commission seat puts an end to debate over city’s smoking ban, advocate and opponent agree

The Bowling Green City Commission candidate who said he wanted to rewrite the city’s smoking ban ran last in the five-way race for an unexpired term on the commission Tuesday, and he and a commissioner in the 3-2 majority that enacted the ban said the result is an indicator of public opinion on the issue.

Candidate Bill Goodwin got only 682 votes, or 8.6 percent of the total. “Commissioner Brian ‘Slim’ Nash said he believes voters sent a message in Tuesday’s election: Citizens are satisfied with the city’s smoking ban,” Andrew Robinson of the Daily News reports. “Goodwin said he spoke to a few citizens who told him the result is a clear sign there’s little support for revisiting the ordinance.”

“The people spoke or the people didn’t show up,” Goodwin told the  newspaper. “It’s got to be an issue that’s dead right now. That’s all there is to it.” (Read more)

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