Shigellosis cases are on the rise in Louisville

There have been 60 confirmed cases of shingellosis in Louisville in the past three months, compared to an average of 62 per year in the area. About half of the new cases are in children who are 3 years old and younger.

“Shingellosis is caused by Shingella bacteria, which leaves the body of an infected person through the stool and enters another person’s body when hands, food or objects contaminated with stool are placed in the mouth,” reports Laura Ungar of The Courier-Journal. Because of the mode of transmission, maintaining personal hygiene is important.
“Hand washing is by far the most effective way to prevent shigellosis,” said Dr. LaQuandra Nesbitt, director of the Louisville Metro Department of Public Health & Wellness. “We urge everyone — particularly parents, children, childcare workers and teachers — to wash their hands often.”
Symptoms, which can occur one to seven days after exposure, include watery or loose stools, sudden onset of fever, nausea, abdominal cramping or vomiting. (Read more)
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