Managed-care executives acknowledge problems, say they’re trying to fix them

Executives of three managed-care companies who run most of the state’s Medicaid program told a legislative committee yesterday that they are aware of “significant problems” with their management since they took over in November, and they are “committed to fixing them,” reports Deborah Yetter of The Courier-Journal. Health-care providers have complained to lawmakers for months about late payments, claims processing and battles over new rules requiring “pre-authorization” to guarantee payment. The executives said they’re meeting with providers to solve the problems.

Health care providers implied last week during testimony that the companies were withholding payments to “maximize their profits,” Yetter notes. All three executives denied the claim, saying they have to pay interest on payments delayed more than 30 days. They said some late payments “weren’t getting past billing clearinghouses” that many health-care providers use to process Medicaid claims. Claims have been delayed in those facilities for a number of reasons, the executives said, including new billing requirements under managed care. They said they are working to identify and pay those claims. (Read more)

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