King-size Snickers and Twix will be things of the past by 2014

King-size versions of Snickers and Twix bars will no longer be on store shelves in 2014, as their maker tries to improve the nutritional value of its products. (Photo by Candy Warehouse)

Mars Inc. will no longer sell chocolate products with more than 250 calories, Reuters reports. The giant Snickers and Twix contain a whopping 540 calories.
It’s not the first time the Virginia-based maker has tried to improve its image. In 2007, “It said it would stop buying advertising time or space if more than a quarter of the audience was likely to be under 12 years old,” Reuters reports.
Mars also makes M&Ms, Skittles and Juicy Fruit chewing gum, along with Uncle Ben’s rice and Dove ice cream bars. (Read more)
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