Meds-for-meth bill stalls in state House committee

A measure aimed at curbing methamphetamine production failed to come to vote in the House Judiciary Committee Tuesday. Rep. John Tilley, a Hopkinsville Democrat who chairs the committee, said he hopes Senate Bill 3 will be voted on later this week.

The bill, which was passed by the Senate March 2, “would allow consumers to buy 7.2 grams per month of medications containing pseudoephedrine and up to 24 grams annually, an amount adequate for most cold or allergy sufferers, according to testimony,” reports Deborah Yetter for The Courier-Journal. “A doctor’s prescription would be required for an additional 7.5 grams per month or an additional 90 grams per year.” The bill would exempt liquid or gel-cap formulations of the drug.
Right now, Kentuckians can buy 9 grams of the medicines per month and 120 grams per year.
Some committee members said they are concerned people could be breaking the law if they get or own too much of the drug. Rep. Joe Fischer, R-Fort Thomas, said his wife takes Claritin D, which contains pseudoephedrine, for allergies on a regular basis and asked if the bill would make it too hard for people like her to get the drugs without going to the doctor first. (Read more)
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