Book about Appalachian health reveals region and culture-specific issues for researchers, region’s residents

Editors of a new book hope it will shed light on the health problems facing Appalachia while debunking myths about the culture. Robert Ludke and Phillip Obermiller, both of the University of Cincinnati, compiled work for Appalachian Health and Well-Being from researchers “who present data addressing health disparities affecting urban and rural Appalachians and offers possible solutions,” the Cincinnati Enquirer reports. Obermiller said most of the book’s 40 contributors are from the region. The book will be officially debuted at the Appalachian Studies Association Conference this weekend in Indiana, Pa.

Ludke said the book is intended to be a resource to Appalachians or people studying public health. He said politicians and the general public need the information to better address Appalachians’ health issues. The editors said they also wanted to draw attention to “urban Appalachians,” or people of Appalachian heritage living in metropolitan areas. Ludke said the Appalachian population living in Cincinnati has assimilated less than in other metro areas. (Read more)

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