Meds-for-meth, pain-pill bills each clear a second chamber; both probably headed to conference committee(s)

“State lawmakers gave new life Wednesday to two bills designed to tackle Kentucky’s problems with methamphetamine labs and prescription drug abuse,” John Cheves and Jack Brammer report for the Lexington Herald-Leader.

“On a 60-36 vote, the House approved Senate Bill 3, which would further limit the amount of cold medicines containing pseudoephedrine that consumers could buy without a prescription. Pseudoephedrine is a key ingredient used in making meth. Meanwhile, the Senate approved House Bill 4, which transfers from the state Cabinet for Health and Family Services to the attorney general’s office an electronic monitoring system that keeps track of prescriptions for pain pills. The vote was 26-9. Both bills are likely to go to conference committees made up of representatives from both chambers, who will try to negotiate a compromise on differences in the House and Senate versions of the bills.” (Read more)

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