Mayor will propose smoking ban in Hopkinsville, largest Kentucky city without one

The largest Kentucky city that has not banned smoking in public places may change that.

Hopkinsville Mayor Dan Kemp’s proposal “fundamentally resembles Lexington’s ban,” reports Nick Tabor for the Kentucky New Era. The law would apply to bars and restaurants but not private clubs; retail tobacco stores and tobacco warehouses; and rented rooms in hotels, hospitals and nursing homes. “The best thing would be to have no exemptions,” Kemp said, adding that he recognizes the need for compromise. 
An online survey by the Christian County Health Department two years ago indicated strong support for a ban. A recent, scientific survey of 500 Kentuckians shows 59 percent support a statewide ban, the American Cancer Society found. Kemp said he has “received a mostly positive response from local businesses,” Tabor reports.

As for a smoking ban imposing on a person’s right to light up, Kemp said, “I just think it’s such an overriding health concern that that trumps the individual rights argument.” Kemp hopes the council will vote on the proposal June 5. If they ratify it, the ban could take effect July 1. (Read more)

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