University Hospital’s trust to pay for indigent care lacks oversight, state auditor finds

An audit of the trust that disburses more than $30 million in state and local funding to provide indigent care at University Hospital has found there is a lack of oversight. There is no evidence taxpayer dollars were abused, however.

“The audit, released by state Auditor Adam Edelen, found that the board structure wasn’t suited for proper oversight and the agreement between University Medical Center, which runs the hospital, and state and local governments to administer the money is outdated,” reports Laura Ungar of The Courier-Journal.

The audit also found there is insufficient record keeping. “The responsibility for providing a safety net for our most vulnerable is a critical one shared by the university, city and commonwealth,” Edelen said. “While this audit underscores the need for modernization and reform of the governing structure, it does not provide justification for those who desire a retreat from that mission.” (Read more)

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