Herald-Leader dislikes mental health agency’s ‘clubby glow’

In an editorial today, the Lexington Herald-Leader criticized the “clubby glow emanating from the inner circle” of the Bluegrass Regional Mental Health-Mental Retardation Board, whose financial status was featured in Sunday’s issue of the newspaper.

Though the paper didn’t take issue with top executives earning large salaries, it did have a problem with the makeup of the board and its staff. First, the current CEO, Shannon Ware, is married to the former CEO, Joseph Troy. Troy’s son-in-law is director of information technology. And at least eight of the 25 members of the board have served since the 1980s. Another three have served since the 1990s.
“Collectively, these offer the potential for an organization where the status quo is rarely challenged,” the editorial reads. The editorial board took particular issue with the nepotism in place: “While it is theoretically possible that a supervisor might treat a family member exactly the same as an unrelated employee, in reality it is hard to imagine. Regardless, the very appearance of favoritism can be damaging to an organization.” (Read more)
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