State takes Medicaid contractor Coventry’s side at hearing over dispute with Appalachian Regional Healthcare

Appalachian Regional Healthcare argued for a federal injunction against Medicaid contractor Coventry Cares on Tuesday as negotiations for a new agreement between the two have stalled,” reports Mike Wynn of The Courier-Journal.

At a hearing before District Judge Karl Forester, “Witnesses for ARH testified that Coventry will no longer provide an adequate network of hospitals and doctors if a contract is not renewed with ARH, which operates eight hospitals and additional clinics in the area.

But Coventry and the state Cabinet for Health and Family Services dispute those claims and called witnesses to defend Coventry’s network of health care providers.” (Read more)

Forester asked ARH and Coventry to submit proposed findings by tomorrow, reports Valarie Honeycutt Spears of the Lexington Herald-Leader, giving the case background: “After Coventry said it would sever its contract with ARH, the hospital company filed a lawsuit in U.S. District Court in Lexington. Coventry agreed to continue its contract until June 30 while renegotiating for long-term coverage.” (Read more)

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