New report lists contaminant, treatment violations at Kentucky’s 461 public water systems

Reporters can now find out if their local public water systems were recently cited with violations related to contaminants in the water or inadequate treatment.

The Kentucky Division of Water‘s annual compliance report was released last week. Statewide, it shows that maximum contaminant level and treatment violations decreased from 116 in 2010 to 96 in 2011. “The majority of violations at Kentucky’s public water systems last year involved administrative infractions rather than problems with water treatment,” said Julie Roney, coordinator of the DOW Drinking Water Program. “These results are encouraging.”

There are 461 public water systems in Kentucky, which are tested on a regular basis for bacteria, nitrate and other inorganic chemicals, radiological elements and more than 100 industrial chemicals and pesticides.

The report is detailed and quite dense. Reporters can call Natalie Bruner at 502-564-3410, ext. 4987 for help interpreting the results for their water systems. (Read more)

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