Kentucky students will get extra education in nutrition, exercise

Kentucky children will get extra nutrition education at school starting Oct. 1, thanks to a $6 million federal grant intended to instill better eating and physical-activity habits in families eligible for food stamps.

The education will be provided by local health departments. It will encourage students to:
• Fill half their plates with fruits and vegetables; drink fat-free or low-fat milk; and make sure they eat whole grains.
• Increase physical activity and cut down on sedentary behaviors.
• Consume the appropriate amount of calories for their age.

Kentucky students will get more nutrition education
aimed at getting those eligible for the Supplemental
Nutrition Assistance Program to make healthy food
choices. (Photo from The Lane Report)

Details about how many children will benefit from the education and how many minutes of instruction they will receive per week have not yet been ironed out, said Beth Fisher, spokeswoman for the Cabinet for Health and Family Services.

“Sometimes children can be the best teachers, so our hope is that they will pass on to their parents some of what they have learned at school about the importance of nutrition and physical activity,” said Teresa James, acting commissioner of the Department of Community Based Services. “If children ask their parents to serve more fruits and vegetables, or take a walk instead of watching TV and the parents comply, this effort can benefit the entire household — just look at the influence children have had on recycling.” (Read more)

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