CDC: Ten swine flu cases reported last week were linked to Ohio’s Butler County Fair; warns nation’s fairgoers to be cautious

Centers for Disease Control officials in Atlanta say 29 human cases of the new strain of the H3N2 swine flu have been confirmed in the last year, including 12 last week. Ten of the new cases were linked to the Butler County Fair in southwest Ohio. Butler County is just north of Cincinnati’s Hamilton County. The fair ended last weekend. None of the cases have been tied to human-to-human transmission and all 12 of the new patients had close contact with swine prior to getting sick. The two other new cases occurred in Hawaii and Indiana. (CBS News photo)

Health official told CBS News that because county and state fair season in full swing, attendees should avoid taking food and drinks into barns and to wash their hands after they have been near animals. Pregnant women, young children, the elderly and people with weakened immune systems are especially at risk for developing the flu strain. So far, the strain hasn’t spread easily, and recent cases have been mild. (Read more)

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