Norton Healthcare implements a mobile application that allows doctors to monitor patients, especially expectant mothers

Norton Healthcare is the first health-care provider in Kentucky to implement a patient monitoring system that allows obstetricians to monitor expectant mothers while they’re in labor via the physician’s smart phone or tablet. The real-time application uses wave-form technology and works with iPhones, Androids, BlackBerrys and a variety of Windows Mobile devices. Its use has been cleared by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

The implications are vast for doctors in busy urban settings as well as
for those in rural areas where doctor shortages may limit a
physician’s personal attention to individual patients. According to Norton Healthcare press materials and their obstetrician spokesperson, Dr. Reed Netter, the application allows the doctor to view “the same patient information that he or she would see at the patient’s bedside, looking at the monitor for heartbeat, contraction patterns, or signs of distress.” This could save valuable time when a fetus is in trouble or if nurses see something that worries them.

The applications of the technology are evident for use in ambulances, in intensive care units, operating and emergency rooms, said Steve Heilman, Norton’s system vice president and chief medical information officer for Norton Healthcare. (Read more)

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