UK music therapy helps manage surgical anxiety, pain, recovery

A University of Kentucky study has found that music therapy can reduce pain before, during and after a surgical procedure, and shorten recovery time. The study report, published in the Southern Medical Journal, showed music was also useful in managing surgical anxiety. According to Lori Gooding, UK director of music therapy and lead author of the report, the music should be selected by trained personnel with a mind toward specific guidelines for music selection in order to maximize its positive effect on patients, though the patient’s musical tastes should still be considered. Gooding suggests patients be offered several playlists from which to choose so they can have something to suit their tastes as well as the medical protocol. (UK video)

Gooding writes that the tempo, rhythm and volume of the music should be carefully controlled to maximize its effect. Calm, slow, gentle music was shown to produce the most positive results and facilitate relaxation and pain reduction in patients. UK began providing music therapy for patients in Kentucky Children’s Hospital, UK Chandler Hospital and UK Good Samaritan Behavioral Health in October 2010. The UK Music Therapy program was established as part of the Lucille Caudill Little Performing Arts in HealthCare Program, a unique partnership between the UK School of Music and UK HealthCare. (Read more)

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