Rep. Westrom, bolstered by increasing public support, thinks third time may be the charm to pass a statewide smoking ban law

A coalition of health groups say they will give state Rep. Susan Westrom, D-Lexington, the most public support ever for a bill to ban smoking in Kentucky restaurants and workplaces, a bill she’s tried to get passed twice, Jacqueline Pitts of CN2 reports. The coalition, which includes Smoke-Free Kentucky and the American Lung Association, revealed plans yesterday for a two-week ad campaign about the benefits of a statewide smoking ban law.

So far, 24 states have approved smoking bans, and more than 30 Kentucky cities and counties have passed similar local bans. Westrom said that Gov. Steve Beshear, who once said bans should be left to localities to decide, is more supportive of a statewide ban now. A 2012 Foundation for a Healthy Kentucky poll shows that 59 percent of Kentucky adults are in favor of a statewide ban. Westrom said she wants to work with new legislators to get their support for the bill. (Read more)

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