Participating in a clinical trial can give patients access to advanced health care

Access to advanced care does not require big bucks or Cadillac insurance; it is offered on a limited basis through trials of new medical procedures at the University of Kentucky.  People in the university’s health-service region can access cutting-edge health care through participation in clinical trials, according to a UK press release. The University of Louisville also does clinical trials.

Clinical trials are necessary to evaluate a drug, device or mode of therapy for a disease. UK investigators recruit individuals willing to contribute to science to participate in various types of trials; some may require participants with specific conditions, while others require healthy participants.  These participants are able to reap the benefits of advanced medical treatment while gaining access to top clinicians and the latest medical information.

“I would tell anyone who has a condition and is thinking about becoming part of a clinical trial that it is one of the most empowering things that people can do,” said Dr. Leslie Crofford, chief of the UK Division of Rheumatology and director of Center for the Advancement of Women’s Health. “It allows you to learn about a condition that may afflict you or a family member. It allows access and contact with investigators that are very knowledgeable about the condition. It allows a sense that you are doing something active to help not only yourself, but other people with the condition.”

As a research insititution, UK is careful about the safety, privacy and oversight of clinical trials and it’s important that participants understand the trial methodology, purpose and procedures. The UK Center for Clinical and Translational Science has compiled a helpful list of questions for clinical-trial participants. There are several ways to connect with clinical-trial opportunties and anyone can view currently available clinical trials at the university. Participants may also connect with clinical trials through their physician, or through national listings. (Read more)

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