UK quickens drumbeat of tobacco-free policy through report line

The University of Kentucky promotes compliance and enforcement of its tobacco-free policy through a community report line, among many other measures.  Although the report line was established last spring, its mention in recent campus communications suggests a hightened emphasis on compliance measures. 

The line to report violations of the smoking ban engages the community in developing an environment in which compliance is expected, said Dr. Ellen Hahn, a nursing professor and co-chair of UK’s Tobacco-free Taskforce and director of its Kentucky Center for Smoke-free Policy.

“Since these policies are self-enforcing, we need a mechanism by which everyone on campus can easily report violations,” Hahn said. “Most people do not feel comfortable approaching a violator, so this is a way to encourage everyone to be involved in promoting compliance.” She said the report line was a suggested “best practice” from other campuses with similar policies.

Implementation of the policy, the ultimate goal of the policy is to promote a healthy place to live, work and learn, has been a success, Hahn said: The air is healthier, and exposure to secondhand smoke has decreased. Also, since the policy was established in the fall of 2009, there has been a four-fold increase in the use of nicotine replacement to quit using tobacco, and UK has many low- or no-cost options to help students and employees do so.

Click here to report a violation of the tobacco-free policy, here for a tobacco-free brochure. 

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