House panel approves bill easing rules of 2012’s pill-mill bill

They could call it the pill they’re taking to fix the pill-mill bill.

A state House committee approved a bill Tuesday that would tweak last year’s legislation aimed at cracking down on prescription drug abuse through doctor shopping and “pill mills” where painkiller prescriptions are easily available for a fee.

House Speaker Greg Stumbo told the House Judiciary Committee that House Bill 217 would fix “unintended
consequences” of 2012’s House Bill 1 while still requiring that health-care providers use the Kentucky All
Schedule Prescription Electronic Reporting system to track painkiller prescriptions.

The bill “would exempt hospitals and long-term care facilities from HB 1’s
per-unit patient dosing restrictions and ensure that physicians decide
when physicals are needed,” the Kentucky Press News Service reported. “It would limit restricted access to narcotic
pain medication for surgery patients, end-of-life patients, cancer
patients and a few other categories of patients who may need increased
pain management, Stumbo said.” (Read more)

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