Weekly newspaper’s editorial advises readers to ignore ‘irresponsible rhetoric’ about Obamacare and find out the facts

The Sentinel-News, a twice-weekly newspaper in Shelbyville, reminded Kentuckians to pay close attention to the “irresponsible rhetoric” surrounding the launch of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.

Since registration opened Oct. 1, “misinformation and carefully constructed lies” abound, the paper said in an editorial. It reflects on how many people have “fallen victim” to exaggerated individual experiences posted on social media and “even worse, the acceptance and delivery of similar items by otherwise responsible broadcast news outlets.”

The editorial says there is great disagreement about the viability of the law and both sides of the political aisle are producing statistic and “experience”-based arguments to sway you to their way of thinking.  It goes on to say that the Better Business Bureau has issued an alert about scammers trying to capitalize on the process, and it is easy for consumers to be “had” in this environment. Fact-checking organizations have called some of the information propaganda. Tragically, the editorial says, “the ‘information’ being distributed to validate their arguments appears to be flimsy and desperate and without sound base.”

The message of this editorial is: Consumers, do your homework and check your facts. It recommends a visit to the website of KIPDA, a Louisville-region planning agency that is helping people navigate the new system; checking the website of the state health-insurance marketplace, Kynect, to see what insurance will cost you and your family; calling an information hot line; analyzing all of your options ; and doing the math: Are the new health care options more or less expensive, more or less restrictive than another option you may have?

And finally, the editorial reminds us to be patient: “All parties (need to) let it roll out, evaluate how it works and then adjust the law to ensure that it meets the needs of most Americans and provides the intended health care.” (Read more)

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