Websites that misled Kentuckians seeking health insurance are taken down, blocked or corrected

Three websites that were misleading Kentuckians about the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act and about the state’s health-insurance exchange have either been taken down, corrected or blocked by the state attorney general’s Office of Consumer Protection, the office said.

Kentucky consumers who are attempting to obtain insurance under the federal health-reform law need to make sure they are connected with the official health insurance exchange website, the office advised.

A “copycat website,”, was removed after the office complained that it was “deceptively similar” to Search engines steered customers to this site and provided false information about their options under the Act, according to the release. This site has now been taken down and no longer appears on Google, which had ranked the copycat site first and worked with the office to block access to the site.

Google has also removed from its search engine because it created the misleading impression that it was a government health exchange and did not offer clear information for consumers on how to access the official Kentucky exchange, the release said. A third site,, has made corrections to its site to make sure Kentuckians will be able to link to the state’s official site

The Office of Consumer Protection offers these tips to protect yourself from misleading websites:
• Make sure you’re working with a registered insurance agent or certified kynector, a person paid by the state to help users with the exchange. A list of approved agents and kynectors maintained by the Cabinet for Health and Family Services can be found online or by calling 1-855-4kynect (459-6328).
• Protect your personal information. Only a registered insurance agent, a certified kynector, or contact center customer service representative should ask for your personal information to help you apply.
• Do not pay for help. Insurance agents and kynectors will not solicit money.
• Remember that you can only get tax credits through Kynect, and there is no charge to apply for the credits.
• Beware of phishing scams online. Consumers should be cautious of any email claiming to be connected to the Affordable Care Act, including any emails claiming to be affiliated with kynect and asking for personal information.
• Ask questions. Don’t sign anything you don’t fully understand, and verify the answers you get with trained kynect representatives.

Consumers who
are aware of questionable practices are encouraged to contact the attorney general’s office at 888-432-9257 or If you think your personal information has been compromised, visit

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