Poor air quality can make it hard for kids to succeed in school

Poor air quality in schools can affect children’s health and inhibit their learning, one Kentucky school board heard recently as it considered a proposal to improve energy efficiency and air quality at a school about to be renovated.

Representatives from Harshaw Trane proposed a computerized energy system to the Christian County Public Schools board that promises to control air quality and cut energy use, and therefore cost, over time, Magarita Cambest reports for the Kentucky New Era of Hopkinsville.

The company said the additional cost of the system at Pembroke Elementary would be more than recouped over time, and “will reduce absenteeism, improve energy efficiency and raise test scores,” Cambest reports. Kathy Hancock, the district’s chief administrative officer, said dirty air filters make students breathe more carbon monoxide, making it harder for them to stay awake and do well in school.

The district’s current system requires changing 2,283 filters monthly, Facilities Coordinator Ted Hautala said.  He suggested that replacing better filters less often would save the district money. Kyle Johnson, a Harshaw Trane representative, said the program saves the Bullitt County School System “at least half a million dollars a year.” (Read more; subscription may be required)

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