Poll gauges Kentuckians’ consumption, sources and opinions of drinking water; E. Ky. likes bottled water more than other areas

Drinking water is necessary for the human body to work properly. Because one can consume water through drinking other beverages or eating foods like lettuce, tomatoes, oranges and melons, the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention does not recommend drinking a particular number of cups per day. However, it does recommend drinking water instead of other high-calorie beverages, especially if a person is trying to remain at a healthy weight, according to the Foundation for a Healthy Kentucky‘s latest release of information from its 2013 Kentucky Health Issues Poll.

The poll, in October and November, gauged Kentuckians’ consumption, sources and opinions of their drinking water. While 24 percent reported drinking eight or more cups of water each day, 8 percent said they don’t drink water daily. Thirty-two percent said they drink one to three cups per day, and the remaining 35 percent say they drink between four and seven cups.

About half of those surveyed (52 percent) reported drinking tap water most often, and 39 percent said they drink mostly bottled water. Only 4 percent said they primarily drink well water, showing how extensive water lines have become in rural areas. Louisville-area citizens are more inclined (61 percent) to report drinking tap water than people from other areas, and Eastern Kentucky residents were most likely to report drinking bottled water (50 percent) or well water (10 percent).

Why don’t some Kentuckians drink tap water? More than four in ten (43 percent) cite the taste of the water as an explanation. Some also say it seems unsafe (13 percent), that they have access to bottled water (13 percent) or that they believe chemicals are in the water (11 percent).

The poll, co-sponsored by Interact for Health of Cincinnati, has an error margin of plus or minus 2.5 percentage points.

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