Berea students’ second health fair tackles touchy topics

Della Walters tries to walk straight while wearing “drunk goggles” at
the Berea health fair. (Richmond Register photo by Crystal Wylie)

Student-run health fairs are becoming more popular across Kentucky, and some of them are touching on touchy topics. At their second health fair recently, for middle- and high-school students, Berea Community High School health students “handled more mature issues” than at their first, for elementary-school students. reports Crystal Wylie of The Richmond Register.

“Although students had their pick of topics ranging from sexually transmitted diseases, drunk driving, smoking, mental health, sugary drinks, learning disabilities and fitness,” health teacher Cathy Jones said some students wanted to include ‘sexting,’ sexually oriented text messages. She allowed their presentation to pair the topic with cyber-bullying; students asked their classmates to sign a pledge against doing both.

“It’s a hot topic and something teenagers encounter,” Jones told Wylie. “They thought it was important to cover.” Jones said she plans to hold a fair twice a year. Meanwhile, Eastern Kentucky University professor Laurie Larkin and her public-health students conducted a health fair at Clark-Moores Middle School, Wylie reports. (Read more)

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