Fort Thomas joins other wealthy school districts in U.S. that have dropped federal school-lunch program

The wealthy Fort Thomas school district in Northern Kentucky is dropping out of the federal school-lunch program because “Kids didn’t like their healthful lunches,” Jessica Brown reports for The Cincinnati Enquirer.

“The 2,800-student district joins a small but growing number of school
districts across the country – mostly wealthy districts who can afford
to forfeit the money – who have dropped out of the federal program in
the wake of stricter nutritional standards,” Brown writes. “Schools said students
don’t like the unsalted potatoes, low-fat cheese or the mandatory fruits
and vegetables. They throw food away or decide not to eat at all.”

Forsaking federal funding will cost the district an estimated $260,000 a year, Brown reports. “Children who get free or reduced-price lunches – about 17 percent of the student body – will still get them at that price.” (Read more)

UPDATE, Aug. 25: About 150 school districts nationwide have withdrawn from the federal program, Bloomberg BusinessWeek reports.

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