Exit poll: Half of voters say Kynect works well, but almost as many say Obamacare went too far; 45% favor pot legalization

An exit poll of voters in Tuesday’s election showed that half of them thought the state’s health-insurance exchange, Kynect, is working well, but almost as many thought the federal health-reform law went too far.

Asked how Kynect is working, 21 percent of the electorate said it was working very well, and 29 percent said it was working somewhat well. About 13 percent were undecided, while 21 percent said it was not working too well and 15 percent said it was not working well at all.

Asked about the 2010 law that allowed creation of Kynect and subsidizes the health coverage obtained through it, 46 percent said it went too far, 22 percent said it was about right and 26 percent said it didn’t go far enough.

The poll was taken primarily for the U.S. Senate race, and CNN cross-tabbed the two sets of results:

In another question that could be health-related, 45 percent of voters said they were in favor of legalizing marijuana in Kentucky while 52 percent opposed it. The poll report on CNN did not give the survey’s margin of error.

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