Johnson foundation, Appalachian commission, Foundation for a Healthy Ky. to examine bright and dark spots in Appalachia

The Appalachian Regional Commission, the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, and the Foundation for a
Healthy Kentucky
are working on a three-year health-research project to determine factors that can support a culture of health
in Appalachia and whether that knowledge can be translated
into actions that address the region’s health disparities.
“Creating a Culture of Health
in Appalachia: Disparities and Bright Spots,” will run through the end of 2017. The
project will identify “bright spots” where
health outcomes are better than indicated by unemployment, poverty rates and other community factors. Experts will try to figure out why, and will likewise examine why health
outcomes in some communities are not as good as would be expected. 
Robert Wood Johnson Foundation is providing $750,000 for the project, and ARC
will contribute $250,000. The Foundation for a Healthy Kentucky will administer the project.
groundbreaking effort will provide a deeper understanding of factors that
contribute to or undermine community health,” said Susan Zepeda, president and
CEO of the foundation.
project will produce a database with county-level health
and economic data; hold discussions with local leaders to help explain the findings; develop
policy-based user tools, including a Web site featuring data sets and a
GIS-based tool to help visualize research outcomes and community profiles; and examine policy implications and make recommendations.
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