Scott County schools will have a smartphone app to let parents see cafeteria menus, look up nutritional content

For parents who have children with food allergies, it can be stressful not to know what will be served in the cafeteria. Scott County Nutrition Director Mitzi Marshall is researching two smart-phone apps that inform users of what will be served for breakfast and lunch each day at school, Dan Adkins reports for the Georgetown News-Graphic.

“Parents are on the go,” Marshall told the school board. “If you’re working, it’s here at your fingertips.” The app will also let parents single out certain food allergies and determine which dishes their children should not eat, Adkins writes. Marshall said the one app, NutriSlice, will also let parents look up nutritional content for each meal.

“Nutritionals automatically pop up, so this will help the nurses with carb counts, families . . . There are the sugars for diabetics, the carbs,” Marshall said. She did not yet specify when a decision will be made about which app to implement.

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