University of Louisville School of Medicine no longer on probation, but still not fully in compliance with national standards

The University of Louisville School of Medicine is now in compliance with all educational standards and is no longer on probation, according to a news release from the school.

“During the past two years, we have worked diligently to address the concerns raised by the Liaison Committee on Medical Education,” said Toni Ganzel, the school’s dean.

Ganzel noted that the school had changed its curriculum, completed a major renovation of its instructional building, implemented new technologies and strengthened its educational governance and organizational structure to bring the program back into compliance.

The school has been on probation since March 2014, but has remained fully accredited during its probation, according to an article last year in The Courier-Journal. It quoted Ganzel as saying that the LCME actions were based largely on two areas of concern, the pre-clinical instructional building and the pace of pre-clinical curricular changes and curricula oversight.

“In my view, the LCME made a needed wake-up call to the university administration that put educational maters back on track again. In its emphasis on its commercial research agenda, U of L has allowed its educational priorities to recede,” Peter Hasselbacher, emeritus professor at the school and president of the Kentucky Health Policy Institute, wrote on its blog. “In that respect, although the experience was both painful and embarrassing for all of us, we are now entering a better place.”
Hasselbacher wrote that the LCME survey team found that four standards were not fully in compliance and still required monitoring: “diversity of minority and gender for faculty and students; provision for active and independent study for students, comparability of instruction and evaluation across instructional sites, and inclusion of behavioral and socioeconomic subjects in the curriculum.”

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