Attorney General Andy Beshear says Bevin’s moves to ‘pull back’ on father’s health policy would compromise a ‘basic human right’

By Al Cross

Kentucky Health News
New state Attorney General Andy Beshear, a son of former Gov. Steve Beshear, criticized Gov. Matt Bevin’s reversal of his father’s health-care policies at an appearance with Lt. Gov. Jenean Hampton on Wednesday. The Beshears are Democrats and the new administration is Republican.

At a University of Kentucky law school symposium marking the 50th anniversary of the state civil-rights law, Beshear objected to “efforts in Kentucky to pull back different programs that help address the remnants of discrimination,” including the expansion of Medicaid and establishment of the Kynect health-insurance exchange under federal health reform.
Beshear did not mention his father, but said the programs are “close to my heart.” Bevin is moving to abolish the exchange, saying the federal exchange can serve Kentuckians’ needs, and to scale back the Medicaid expansion.
“I believe the ability to see a doctor, the ability to have good health, is a basic human right, and that right has been denied to so many people
because of the remnants of discrimination,” Beshear said. They approximate right now that just in the West End of Louisville, there are 60,000 people, primarily
minorities, who have health care for the first time because of these
After another round of applause, Beshear said, “If we are going to achieve the objectives of that civil-rights act, if we are ultimately going to grow up in a world that is equal with
equal opportunity, we have to ensure that we stand up for that basic
human right of health care.”
Hampton, who spoke before Beshear, did not have an opportunity to respond. Beshear acknowledged and complimented her repeating her introduction as the first African American lieutenant governor and the second woman to hold the office, said “That’s a big deal.”

Bevin’s office did not respond to a request for comment.

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