Bill for review of medical lawsuits dies from special elections

A bill that would create panels of experts to review lawsuits against health-care providers is going nowhere, again.

State Senate President Robert Stivers said Friday that he and other leaders of the Senate’s Republican majority sent Senate Bill 6 back to committee because last week’s special elections continued Democratic control of the House. They did likewise with a bill for a “right to work” law that would ban union membership or fees as a condition of employment.

“The reality is the House does not see as the majority party in this Senate does, that right-to-work would even be another tool that could increase and expand on job recruitment and retention,” Stivers said. “The other thing is we’ve had Senate Bill 6 sitting on the board for quite some time. But, because of the elections two weeks ago, the consequences are, they would pass this chamber but die in the House.”

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