Addict who writes column for Appalachian papers publishes book

Phillip Lee, a recovering drug addict who writes a column for newspapers in Appalachian Kentucky and Tennessee, has published a book, The Journey of an Addict.

“Through overdoses and many hospitalizations, through nursing homes and rehabilitation centers, through drug treatment programs and prisons, I survived through it all only by the grace of my higher power,” Lee writes on Amazon. “This book is part of a complete dedication in my life to helping others reach recovery. Not being easy at all, I tell how it’s the hardest thing I’ve ever done in life. I tell you about the personal rewards of recovery. The freedom and calm that is gained is second best to nothing. Looking back on some of the insane and dangerous situations, I can even laugh at some of the stories now.”

Lee began writing a column for the weekly Clinton County News in his hometown of Albany in May 2017. For a while it bore the name of the book as well as the title “An Addict’s Corner.” Now only the book carries the name.

The Journey of an Addict is a series of stories and personal experiences I have gone through in active addiction, my experiences now, and what it takes to remain drug-free today,” Lee writes. “I give all the credit to my higher power, who is Jesus Christ, whom without today I am nothing. As an addict, I know you will gain understanding of your own addiction through reading this book. As a family member of an addict, you will gain real world knowledge of what we as addicts go through on a constant basis.”

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