Williamstown is first city in Northern Kentucky to implement comprehensive workplace and public-place smoking ban

On Jan. 1, the Grant County seat of Williamstown became the first place in Northern Kentucky to implement a comprehensive ban with smoking ban. Kenton County has significant exemptions, meaning it does not have a comprehensive smoke-free policy.

The ordinance, which passed in September, bans smoking, including the use of electronic cigarettes, in all buildings and places of employment, as well as in public outdoor patios. The new law allows for an exception for private clubs, unless it is being used for a function where the general public is invited.

Parks in the city of Williamstown have been tobacco-free since July 2017.

The new law also requires smokers to be 25 feet away from all entrances and windows that open and ventilation systems.

The Northern Kentucky Health Department will be responsible for enforcing the law and investigating any complaints.

“We congratulate the Williamstown City Council in taking this important step to improve the health of the community,” department Health Director Lynne Saddler said in a news release.

Williamstown is the 33rd city in Kentucky to implement a comprehensive smoke-free law, according to the news release.

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