Montgomery County reports uptick in cases of syphilis

Montgomery County (Wikipedia map)

Health officials in Montgomery County say they’re seeing more syphilis cases.

“What had become a relatively rare disease is now seeing a resurgence nationwide,” the Montgomery County Health Department said on its Facebook page Friday. The agency “said it has seen an increase in syphilis cases in recent months,” the Lexington Herald-Leader reports.

The department said on Facebook, “The increase has initially been identified among those in the drug community, with injection drug use being a risk factor. However, health officials warn that this disease can be passed along to others outside of this group.”

“This disease does not discriminate against anyone or any group,” said Kelly Allen, the department’s nurse supervisor. “We want the public to be aware of symptoms in case treatment is needed and to take steps to protect themselves.”

Syphilis, a curable disease, is transmitted by sexual and other forms of contact with a syphilis sore, which is also the most common symptom. That is followed by a rash. “These symptoms may not be painful, but they shouldn’t be ignored,” the department said. “Syphilis can cause severe health problems if not treated, including paralysis, blindness and even death. It can also be spread from a mother to her unborn baby.”

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