Fleming County football game stopped for lack of masks on fans

Fleming County (Wikipedia map)

A middle-school football game in Fleming County was interrupted Thursday night because spectators were not wearing masks and keeping six feet apart.
Supt. Brian Creasman said tonight’s high-school game won’t start until everyone in the stands is wearing a mask. He told WKYT that about half the fans at the Simons Middle School game were not masked.

Juilian Tackett, commissioner of the Kentucky High School Athletic Association, told Kentucky Health News that there have been several such cases, but he wasn’t sure how many, because schools are not required to report them. He said most involve lack of distancing.

Tackett told WKYT that the schools that are struggling with pandemic requirements are those that are allowing crowds larger than those the KHSAA recommended.

He said the problems are caused mostly by adults. “They’ve got to understand that this is not political and they don’t have a choice,” he said. “Athletics is a privilege, not a right.”

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