Two graphs tell the story of Kentucky’s deadliest month of the pandemic and how it took a while for that to become clear

Graph by Daniel Desrochers, Lexington Herald-Leader, adapted by Kentucky Health News
Gov. Andy Beshear’s “administration has been slow in reporting Covid-19 deaths,” reports Daniel Desrochers of the Lexington Herald-Leader. “Between a system put in place to double-check and make sure every death that’s counted was truly caused by Covid-19, and death totals that overwhelmed local health departments this winter, Beshear has continued announcing deaths at a clip that made it appear that even as cases were dropping, deaths were remaining steady.

“According to records obtained by the Herald-Leader, deaths have been dropping since December. As of April 2, there were 148 deaths in the month of March, the third lowest of the pandemic after June and March 2020. . . . The deadliest week of the pandemic was the week of December 20 through December 26, when 367 Kentuckians died of COVID-19. The deadliest day so far was December 23, when 68 Kentuckians died. Still, the death totals could increase in January, February and March — last week Beshear was still announcing deaths from as far back as November.”

Graph by Daniel Desrochers, Lexington Herald-Leader
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