Coronavirus cases, positive-test rate and hospitalizations keep rising in Ky., creating more risk as Thanksgiving approaches

State Department for Public Health graph, adapted by Kentucky Health News; click on it to enlarge.

By Melissa Patrick
Kentucky Health News

In the last week, coronavirus cases, the share of Kentuckians testing positive for the virus, and Covid-19 hospitalizations all went up again.

“Though we don’t necessarily think there’s cause for alarm now, we’ve got to watch this very carefully,” Gov. Andy Beshear said at a news conference. He added later, “It ought to tell everybody that we need to be real careful on Thanksgiving this week, as well as Christmas coming up.”

Beshear encouraged eligible Kentuckians to get an immunization or booster shot before the holiday if possible, to not attend any social gatherings if you are feeling sick, to wear a mask indoors if you are not vaccinated or boosted, and to keep attendance numbers at gatherings low.

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