Baby formula is slowly returning to store shelves in Kentucky

Baby formula from the U.K. is in Louisville. (WDRB photo)

Baby formula is slowly beginning to reappear on store shelves in Kentucky.

WDRB reports, “Laura Serke, a NICU dietician for UofL Health, found cans of Kendamil at a local Target recently. They came from the United Kingdom and were part of Operation Fly Formula. Previous flights focused on specialized formula, and most of that went to area hospitals.” Serke told the Louisville TV station that there is still a severe shortage of certain specialized formulas.

Any formulas flown into the U.S. are required to meet U.S. nutritional guidelines, but parents should read the label, Serke said: “It’s very important that as parents are possibly choosing different brands or different formulations of their formula, that each time they’re checking the can to confirm the recipe. And also, if they’re using an alternative recipe to make a higher calorie formula, that they’re talking to their doctor.”

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