Norton Healthcare makes more families eligible for financial aid

Norton Healthcare, which has five hospitals in Louisville and is building another, it making more families eligible for its financial assistance program, raising the income limit from 300% of the federal poverty threshold to 350% That extends eligibility to families of four with a household income up to $105,000.

“Additionally, individuals now can apply in advance to participate in the expanded financial assistance program,” Norton said in a news release. “By completing the qualification process ahead of time, it will remove the barrier that some experience when asked to discuss financial status matters at the point of care. Previously, families would complete an application after receiving treatment. . . . For those with income that excludes them from this program, Norton Healthcare has additional resources available to financially assist patients.”

Application can be made at or by a paper application, available by calling 502-479-6300. Approval is valid for one year, and those eligible can re-apply each year.

“By providing this proactive approach to our Financial Assistance Program, families across the region can put their health first without the burden of worrying about the financial aspects at the point of care,” Norton President and CEO Russell F. Cox said. “Everyone in our community deserves access to quality health care. We are committed to creating initiatives and programs that remove barriers and work toward eliminating challenges for those seeking care.”

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