Each household can get four free Covid-19 tests through the mail; online chart will help you see if tests you have are still effective

By Kentucky Voices for Health

Just in time for the respiratory virus season — that harrowing time of year when you’re sick and it could be about seven different things — the federal government has relaunched its at-home Covid-19 test program. Every U.S. household is once again eligible for four free test kits sent directly from the U.S. Postal Service.

Here’s the easiest way to check yourself and your loved ones for Covid without even leaving the house: Go to covidtests.gov and enter your address. Even if you previously maxed your allotment, you will still be eligible for this round. Just make sure no one else at your address has already placed an order.

It’s also important to note that the shelf life for these tests has been updated to include extended expiration dates. That means if you receive tests that seem out-of-date, or still have some leftover from previous rounds of the program, they could likely still be usable. Check the chart available here to make sure yours are still effective. This will allow you to stockpile tests at your home or office for longer periods… so take advantage of the at-home test program while supplies last!
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