Website offers evidence-based data about nutrition, supplements

By Melissa Patrick
Kentucky Health News

If you are looking for detailed information about research on nutrition and food supplements, a website called is a resource to provide that information.

Examine is a “leading source for evidence-based information about nutrition and supplement research that is independent from advertisers,” a news release said.

“We never start with an objective, like low-carb or high-carb, pro-supplement or anti-supplement,” the Examine website says. “Rather, we simply report on all the evidence that’s been published.”

Examine was founded in 2011. Its website says that neither it, nor any member of its research team, is affiliated with any supplement or food company and that it is funded through its 13,000 individual subscriptions — with no ads, sponsorships or industry ties. Its email list numbers 200,000.

“This has allowed the team of researchers to operate independently and focus their energy on analyzing the latest research and studies about nutrition and supplements,” the release says. is structured around 25 broad health categories and includes the latest research for nonmedical interventions for  hundreds of conditions.

For example, a search for “Ketogenic Diet” leads to a page that defines the term and includes information about what the research says about such a diet, whether it is safe or not, and links to studies that are related to specific health outcomes on this diet — such as its impact on blood pressure or blood glucose. The page links to even more research analysis regarding related topics.

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