‘Cigarette 6’ smoked by Hopkinsville paper’s editorial

First came the Jackson Five, then the Chicago Seven. Now, straight from Hopkinsville’s city council, come the Cigarette Six. So dubbed by the editorial board of the Kentucky New Era, the Six were met with by a incredulous headline on an editorial that addressed the group’s attempt to circumvent a drive for an anti-smoking ordinance in most indoor public places: ” ‘Cigarette 6’ on council must think we’re stupid.”

The editorial takes direct aim on the six members’ apparent lack of interest in protecting citizens from secondhand smoke and their approach to a smoking ban that isn’t one: a do-it-yourself sort of ban “that requires businesses to declare whether they will be a smoking or a smoke-free establishment.” As if that is not what businesses are today without such a pronouncement. The New Era called the Six’s stance “an embarrassment to the city.” Read the complete New Era editorial here.

Because the 6-5 vote came with a smoking-ban proponent absent, and in the council’s committee of the whole, where Mayor Dan Kemp, another proponent, cannot break ties, the council could still vote 7-6 in favor of the originally proposed smoking ban. For a report on the last council meeting, click here.

The editorial comes in the wake of a recent report by the statewide Friedell Committee for Health System Transformation that called for county health boards to “assume responsibility for educating their population about improving their health status,” be “highly visible and proactive,” and play a leading role “in developing healthy community coalitions and partnerships,” and the Christian County health director’s vow to take his board in that direction. An item on that report is here.

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