Video explains health reform and new insurance coverage

The folks at Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation has done us all a tremendous favor: They’ve made health reform law kinda easy. And kinda brief. In their new video “Health Reform Hits Main Street,” they’ve wrestled the topic down to a 9-minute short, animated movie that should — if anyone can — “explain the problems with the current health care system, the changes that are happening now, and the big changes coming in 2014.”

The press that comes with the video promises that you’ll learn “more about how the health reform law will affect the health insurance coverage options for individuals, families and businesses with the interactive feature ‘Illustrating Health Reform: How Health Insurance Coverage Will Work’.”  Whether you actually learn that, we figure, is up to you. But with the help of narrator Cokie Roberts, they have given it a good try. 

Watch the video by clicking on this website, where a link will take you to the video. It’s also available in Spanish.

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