Do Kentucky families care about obesity? Louisville newspaper blog says yes; now comes the hard part

In The Prime, The Courier-Journal‘s collection of news, features, videos and blogs “that help you thrive as you age” has taken on a new crusade: obesity. It’s a brave initiative in the blog’s ongoing effort to get families on
board with better health, better eating and longer lives. The blog started with a simple question: Do Kentucky families care about this issue? The answer is a resounding yes. Sharon Cecil, writing for the nutritional, medical, spiritual and fitness advisers on the blog board, explains that the group has done a year’s worth of work and has now scheduled focus groups for more specifics. Stay tuned here.

Louisville cardiologist John Mandrola, meanwhile, takes on sugary drinks in the Sept. 22 blog installment of In the Prime. He astonishes with the simple fact that the average male teen drinks 357 calories daily from sugar-sweetened beverages. Not a useful nutrient in sight. And, he adds, if that male is pre-determined genetically to be obese, a Harvard study just found that could be even more susceptible to the harmful effects of sugar-sweetened beverages. The bad news only gets worse. (Associated Press photo)

Lastly, Cecil, a nurse, has high marks for the HBO series, “The Weight of the Nation: Confronting America’s Obesity Epidemic.” Go here to see all parts of that series.

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