Foundation for a Healthy Kentucky looking for grant applications for programs that cut chronic disease risk for school-age kids

The Foundation for a Healthy Kentucky is looking for applications for grants that will fund innovative programs to reduce chronic disease risk for school-aged children. Because chronic disease occurs at higher rates in Kentucky than in surrounding areas, the foundation sees this new “Investing in Kentucky’s Future” initiative is seen as having particular urgency. It anticipates awarding grants to five to 10 communities statewide.

This five-year, $3 million program seeks to find ways to limit those diseases that decrease quality of life and increase the risk of early death. These include conditions like cancer, diabetes, heart disease, even substance abuse and some mental illness.

Susan Zepeda, CEO of the foundation, explains that the organization’s “goal is to help communities make positive changes that will help children start and sustain healthy habits to last a lifetime. Whether the challenge is access to needed routine medical check-ups, safe places to play or nutritious foods, or caring adults to show ways to communicate and avoid risky behaviors, we want to help communities find new pathways to positive solutions.”

The deadline to submit a letter of intent to apply for grant funding is Nov. 16. Following a letter of intent, the foundation will invite applicants to submit a full proposal. The deadline for the receipt of the full proposal is Feb. 28, 2013. For a complete copy of the Request For Proposal, and additional information regarding grant opportunities through the Foundation for a Healthy Kentucky, visit or call (toll-free) 877-326-2583.

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