270 U of L freshmen have to vacate dorm because of mold

The University of Louisville has told 270 freshmen they have to move out in the middle of midterm exams after high levels of mold were found in their residence hall.

The students were told remove everything they brought with them to Miller Hall.

The dorm will be closed the rest of the semester. Those displaced are being moved to other dorms, university-affiliated housing and hotel rooms near campus.

U of L inspections found high levels of two types of mold spores, aspergillus and penicillium, that don’t normally present a threat but could affect people with allergies, asthma and upper respiratory problems if exposed to high levels in closed spaces, said Dr. Phillip Bressoud, director of student health.

More residence halls could also have a mold problem, and the university is still awaiting the results from tests. Staten said. (Read more)

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