Univ. of Pikeville students hear of horrors of texting while driving, actively sign pledge to stop the practice

Alyson Gibson, a student at the
University of Pikeville, signs the ‘No
Text on Board’ pledge.

Maybe it was a surprise to some in the crowd but texting and driving has been illegal in Kentucky since April 15, 2010. Still, the folks at the University of Pikeville thought it was a message that bore repeating. On Thursday, they did so.  In recognition of the national “No Text on Board” effort, UPike professors, state legislators and AT&T representatives asked students to pledge to just not do it. The pledge was intended to be a lifetime choice. The only exception to the law is if drivers need to report illegal activity or need to summons medical or emergency aid. Fines for texting while driving in the state can be up to $50, plus court costs.

Students could watch a video of the aftermath of accidents where drivers had been preoccupied with texting. According to the AT&T rep on campus Thursday, someone is killed or injured in this country every five minutes in an accident where texting and driving is involved. (Read more)

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