Health care is strong second to economy among concerns of Ky. registered voters; candidates compared on handling of issues

Health care ranks high among the concerns of Kentucky voters, according to the latest Kentucky Health Issues Poll taken for the Foundation for a Healthy Kentucky.

The poll, taken Sept. 20 through Oct. 14, asked registered voters to name the two most important issues in the Nov. 6 presidential election. The economy was mentioned by 65 percent; health care was second, with 42 percent. Foreign policy was a distant third, at 21 percent. The error margin on the sample of 1,160 voters is plus or minus 2.88 percentage points.
The poll did not ask voters whom they favored for president, but did ask which candidate they trusted to do a better job on certain issues. Romney, who is considered certain to win Kentucky, had a clear advantage on two issue areas, listed first:
• Dealing with the federal budget deficit: Romney 49%; Obama 36%
• Dealing with the economy and jobs: Romney 48%; Obama 36%
• Dealing with the future of the health reform law: Romney 45%; Obama 40%
• Addressing terrorism: Romney 43%; Obama 42%
• Dealing with the situation in Afghanistan: Romney 42%; Obama 40%
• Improving education: Obama 45%; Romney 40%
• Looking out for the best interests of women: Obama 42%; Romney 40%
• Making decisions about women’s reproductive health choices and services: Obama 41%; Romney 38%
“This poll gives us a reliable snapshot of the issues most important to Kentucky voters as they decide who they will vote for on Nov. 6,” said Dr. Susan Zepeda, president/CEO of the foundation. “Regardless of the outcomes of the election, our foundation believes it is essential for our elected officials to know what Kentuckians think about these issues.” To download the full report by the Institute for Policy Research at the University of Cincinnati, click here.
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